First of all I want to say that I am not a Financial Professional. Please do not take any post on this blog as professional financial advice. The stocks that I talk about on this blog are only my point of view. I will post here some thoughts on investing, economics, investment ideas and other stuff that might interest you. This is not a stock recommendation site so please don’t expect any super stock tips. By the way you can lose a lot of money in the stock market so please always consult with a full time investment professional before investing. How you invest depends very much on your own personal financial situation and your risk tolerance. Everybody is different.

I am a critical fan of Warren Buffett and Ken Fisher and other investors too. Unfortunately there are already lots of web-sites dedicated to these guys. As for investments, I will tend to look for interesting opportunities that I have some understanding of what’s going on. I will try to use my engineering background to add extra insight into an investment. This usually (but not always) means I will concentrate on engineering, construction and industrial companies. These are the companies that I know best.

I hope to find interesting ideas that don’t show up on most other web sites. If I am wrong or it looks like I will be wrong I will let u know my thoughts ASAP.

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